Sunday, November 15, 2009


Now that Rohan has mastered walking, he has moved onto talking. His first word, sadly, was "Na," a word he hears every time he is forbidden to do something, which is unfortunately often. So, Rohan says "Na," not to indicate refusal, but to indicate that he knows what he's done/about to do is wrong.

Example: Rohan sees the off-limits remote control ( "Na!") or stops just before touching the bridge of my violin ("Na-nnna-nnna!"), or after he throws a toy (see video below).

Rohan learned his second word from our friend Franklin, whose amazing hospitality we enjoyed in San Francisco. Franklin frequently woofed at the old dog, Jasper, who was terrified of Rohan. Nevertheless, Rohan was fascinated by Jasper, and quickly learned to "woof."

Although we have no live dogs at home, Rohan has several soft toy dogs, including Franzapuppy, all of which say woof. So does the stuffed cat. Go figure.

The words Rohan has chosen to say truly express the level of interest in the named items:

"Ao" = alo (light/lamp), preferably streetlamp style, the bigger the better. Arlington has too many of these.
"Baa Baa" = Baa Baa Bedtime
"Buhbuh" = "Bubbles, Bubbles," a new favorite book, a gift from his friends the Verzis.
"Voom" = vacuum cleaner
"Vum (?)" = violin
"Baw" = ball
"Babbab" = bye-bye

More Firsts

Rohan had his first big Halloween party in what I hope will become a tradition. We invited about 20 people over and almost everyone could make it. Next year we will have to be more strict about the dress code. Everyone needs a costume to enter. Just kidding. Thanks again to everyone who could come and especially to all the adults who showed up in costume. Rohan, Chandreyee, and I had a great time. Dressing up for Halloween makes me feel like we brought a bit of our adopted home, San Francisco, back with us. I hope that Rohan doesn't mind too much that his parents still haven't totally grown up. Below are just a couple of pictures from the party.

This weekend (11/14/09) marks a big step in Rohan's education. He went bowling. This is more than just a simple game or pastime. To truly excel in bowling, you need to combine athletic ability, supreme fashion sense, and the ability to down a beer between frames. Well, Rohan will have to wait for the last part, but he's well on his way to a lifelong love of the game. Well done, Little Lebowski.

Thanks for listening,

Mike, Chandreyee, and Rohan (aka the Little Lebowski)