Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Uma the wiggly-pants and Muppets.

"Jelly-belly giggling, dancin' and a-wigglin' --
Honey, that's the way I am."
---Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem

The above quote, from the original Muppet Movie, could easily be little Uma's motto. From the moment she wakes up, until the second she gets stuffed into her much-maligned sleepsack, she Wiggles.

As if to make up for her otherwise rigid routine (she loved to go to bed at 8pm even as a newborn), Uma's arms and legs are in constant, stochastic motion. (see video above).

Roughly around the time that Uma discovered how to wiggle, the Muppets entered our lives. During Uma's newborn days, when Rohan was bored of being at home, he fell in love with the Muppet movie. After the first viewing, he reported that, at the end, there was "a big CRASH" when the ceiling fell in. I asked him if that was his favorite part.

But he shook his head. No. He liked "the frog, playing the guitar, sitting on That Wood."

This led to the Muppet movie soundtrack taking up residence in our car stereo, being played on repeat constantly. At one point, Mike and I were able to answer each other with Muppet Movie lyrics. And I found myself muttering for no reason, "Tadpoles don't have feet."

Uma discovered her feet at a very early age, (around 3 months), astonishing the pediatrician (video #2 below).

With all the wiggling, they were hard not to notice, i suppose....