Saturday, February 18, 2012

Miles and milestones

This morning, I took Uma and Rohan out --Uma in the carrier, Rohan on his balance bike (sorry, "Motocross Dirt Bike". On the way back, he was getting hungry and tired, and stopped at one point. "Where's that gravel track?" (referring to a stretch of landscaping down the street).

"Oi, dur-e," (over there, far back) I said. We couldn't even see it. "Amader pechhone." (behind us.)

Rohan looked satisfied with this knowledge of having come so far that he could not even SEE this landmark behind him.

So different from myself, these days with the feeling that I am traveling too fast, clutching at milestones as they zoom past. I thought I was mentally prepared. After all, this is Parenting Rev 2.0. But last night, it hit me. I had to night-wean Uma. No more snuggling in the quiet dark, just the two of us. I cried for an hour. (I'm preparing for a 3-night business trip in 2 weeks.)

Mike reminded me that this was not a tragedy but a milestone, just like Uma's first smile (at my friend Eunice, August 2, 2011), her first laugh (see last post for video), her first sitting up (January 11, 2012) and first tooth (January 29, 2012--see photo above).

"Just think of all the things she's learning how to do," said Mike. She can wave a little, eat steamed broccoli by herself, and scoot along like a migrating fibroblast. Leading edge, trailing edge, protruding lamellipodia.

Uma woke at 12:40 AM. Sleepily, I performed textbook Ferberization. She fell back asleep at 2:30, only to wake up at 5. "Five? that counts as "morning," I decided, and nursed her.

She seemed happy. I had survived the night. This felt like a milestone itself. One I will let fly by, so I can focus on the joys ahead.