Monday, July 11, 2011

Uma is real.

Uma's story is like the story of the Velveteen Rabbit.

There was first Abstract-baby. Being our second baby, we knew some of her potential cutenesses and qualities, and so Abstract-baby was loved in quite a concrete way even while she was abstract.

The stuffed Velveteen Rabbit was loved just as much, and then it transcended its stuffed life in a fire.

Almost exactly a year ago, I lost Abstract-baby temporarily in an early miscarriage, and it was extremely difficult to write about Abstract-baby, our wishes to realize her, or even the (arduous) process of growing her while parenting a very REAL and VERY energetic 2-year-old (Rohan).

Unlike Rohan's case, we didn't give the baby a name until she was in our arms. We had agreed-upon ideas, but only after the caesarean birth did I say to Mike, "Uma Kathryn?"

Uma= incarnation of goddess Durga, and loyal daughter of the Himalaya mountains.
Kathryn = Mike's maternal grandmother, Kathryn "Kay" Krouse.

Uma was born on June 18, 2011, and emerged squawking like a free bird, not crying like a baby. Immediately, she peed all over two receiving blankets, and the doctors and nurses marveled at the thickness of her umbilical cord.

Uma became Real, like the rabbit, in seconds, loved instantly by her family. Though this blog may not be updated as frequently as in the past, since parenting two is more than 1+1, this post is proof that we love our daughter powerfully, uniquely, and have loved her for far longer than she has been alive.