Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Lost Post: Happiness at Aisha's House

For two years now, Rohan has been attending day care at the loving home of Aisha Abdel-Ghaffar, her husband Abdou, and her children, Yasmeen, Zizi, Hossan, Ehab, and Sharif. He loved it from day 1, which was January 5, 2009. "Aisha-r बाडी जाबो! " he exclaims as he puts on his shoes and coat.
Aside from all of Aisha's traditionally appreciated qualities (kindness, good cooking, patience, philosophy, consideration for parents), one of the things I appreciate is that she remembers and reports the funny things that Rohan says during the day.

1. Zizi was using the blender in the kitchen, when Rohan came in eating a waffle, his favorite snack.
Z: "Hello, Mr. Waffle!"
R: "Hello, Mr. Noise!"

2. Aisha: "Rohan, where is your poop?"
Rohan: "In my butt. I'm stinky boy!"