Saturday, January 5, 2013

Merry Christmas, Mike.

It's the beginning of December 2012, and my present to you is some memories and some wishes, that usually only come out in the form of tears (when I'm sleep- or sunshine-deprived), drool (when I'm really tired and fall asleep on your pillow), and snarfs (when you make ridiculous jokes while I'm drinking water or brushing my teeth.) But I'm a writer, so I should be able to "do" words, right?

One of the main reasons I love being married to you, is that you are a witness to the otherworldly absurdity that constitutes our daily lives. You know the meaning of:
  • Fooer (device used to fan food and cool it down)
  • Boosher (container used to dump water over heads during baths)
  • Dino blanket (green, fleece blankets used by me and by Rohan)
  • Hoppy game (two kids, one crib, chaos.)
  • Bonn Baynor (sp?) (superhero of unknown powers)
  • Nap pants
  • Pap dudh (what R. used to call his bedtime milk bottle)
  • Boo (what U. calls her milk cup)
  • Peepee, Poppy, Scrufty, Slashy and French (names of some stuffed animals here)
  • Flying-in-the-air Museum (Boston MFA)
  • Tree-fell-down-in-the-pond (Habitat Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary)
  • Struction-con cones (the orange things on the road)
And only with you can I discuss the plotlines and characters of just about any Arthur the Aardvark book. Only you understand how frustratingly mysterious it is when Arthur says "That's no camp, that's a zoo!" when he passes Camp Horsewater. We will just never know.

Which brings me to the realization that 2012 has been largely dominated by ice hockey, race cars (still!) and Arthur.
So. Much. Arthur.
To the point that even Uma knows lyrics, some dialogue, and characters in the books.  I swear I heard her sing, "... adve-enture.." the other day, in the car on the way back from Aisha's. And you know she always says "DIM!" when Arthur calls D.W. a dimwit.

So Mike, as an additional Christmas present, I forgive you officially for accidentally referring to Rohan as "Arthur" the other day.

What will 2013 bring?

Here are my predictions (I don't do resolutions):
  1. More sea creatures. As if our FOUR visits to aquariums (aquaria?) and multiple readings of ocean life books in 2012 didn't already make us all experts on sandtiger sharks, anglerfish, and stickleback gar.
  2. More date nights. Uma is finally warming up to grandparents, and if I manage to wean her of "baby-snacks" by the time she is two, we might finally get to go climbing.
  3. Less screaming in automobiles. This is a risky one. Uma hates car rides so much that those Peltor earmuffs have been a staple for dad and brother, in our Honda Civic. But I'm hoping that turning her carseat front facing in June can work wonders.
  4. We finish at least two seasons of Mad Men. Mike, I admire you for your extreme patience with my glacial pace of TV watching. I know, I know, it's been over two months and we haven't even gotten through season 1... but we'll do it. You'd think that having freed ourselves of cable TV would accelerate our Netflix pace but no.
  5. I try another recipe that your mom says you used to love. Yes, it took me seven years to attempt the corn pudding... give me a couple of months to make our next celebratory dinner.
 When I first loved you 9 years ago, I could not have predicted the contents of this post. I guess that means that all 5 of these predictions may be completely wrong. But I strangely don't care. Whatever happens, you will share it with me, and that fact will make everything even better than our combined expectations.

Here's to another year of surprises!
your wife.


sdf said...

I feel a bit like I just read something I wasn't supposed to, but I must say, you guys are amazing parents, spouses, and friends! Hope to see much of you in the new year and to hear the full stories behind the awesome excerpts shared in your other post. ;)

MikeG said...

Thanks Chandreyee!

I am not as good with words, but I have enjoyed our journey together and will always be looking forward to the next strange thing that after a while becomes "normal". After seeing all of the things we've shared together written down, there is no way I could have anticipated ...... any of it really. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you for the past nine years and I can't wait to see what the next 29, 39, 49, ??? hold for us. One this is for sure: I will treasure every moment we have.